For Lilith & Marinette

For their and our reconciliation with GOD

To Be A Submitter

Submission to Jehovah is the act of acceptance that Jehovah, and only Jehovah is - 

The true and only GOD ever.

That means you only pray to Jehovah. It means you do not pray to Jesus nor Angels, nor saints or anyone or anything else. You do not bow to icons, statues or idols.

Neither will you accept any instruction by any man ordering you to do so in the name of Jehovah or anyone or anything else.

There is Jehovah, there is you and everyone and everything else is of an infinitely lower relationship. You will only trust in Jehovah for he alone is perfect, everyone and everything else is not and is able to fail and that includes you.

You will accept that all that happens is only able to do so because of the Will of Jehovah, and that some things are approved by Jehovah and some things are not. You will accept responsibility for what you do in all circumstances whether you decide to knowingly do wrong or not.

Understand this, there will be a Day of Judgement and not only will you answer for what you have done, you will answer for what you did not do. Remember that Jehovah sees and knows all that you do, have done and will do.

You will address Jehovah as Lord Jehovah and you will fall upon your hands and knees when you pray to him.

Most importantly, Submission means to know where ones' place is in the Order of Creation. Then and only then will you be able to strive towards Jehovah.


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