For Lilith & Marinette

For their and our reconciliation with GOD


Some Q&A about this site and its purpose.

Q: What is this site about?

A: This site is to encourage and lead others into its purpose, that being the reconciliation of Lilith and Marinette Pied Noir with Jehovah or GOD or even the God of Abraham if you wish. Regardless of the names you know the above 3 by, it is their reconciliation with each other that is the purpose.

Q: If this happens what will happen?

A: To be totally honest I don't really know, but if this does happen it would be fair to say that they (Lilith and Marinette) would no longer be figureheads or excuses for the corrupt and perverted who use them to justify their acts of cruelty, corruption and self worship. I do believe if Lilith and Marinette are reconciled with GOD then it would be a great step to Tiqqun Olam or restoration of the world, the world as GOD meant it to be.
A world without evil or malice and with a great improvement to all animated beings.

Q: But what's in it for me?
A: It can cost you nothing, after all what does it cost you to pray? You will be contributing to the greater good of this world and in turn to yourself. You will be forcing honesty to society which to be honest seems quite corrupt. You will feel good because you know you are doing good.

Q: Seems good. What can I do?
A: There are a variety of things you can do. You can pray, you can make 'street shrines' to Our Lady of Czestochowa (representative of Lilith) or Saint Mary Mackillop (representative of Marinette). These can be made as you like, shrines change the nature of a street for the better. It causes people to think about higher callings, shrines at night on the street make people feel better. It is better to light a small candle than to curse the darkness.
You can spread the word whether by printing out and maildropping leaflets or graffiti or even spam. You can translate into other languages etc.
This is a just cause.

Q: Is this a Catholic thing?
A: No, anyone can participate.

Q: Are we praying to these 2 with the shrines and stuff? Should we be?
A: Absolutely not! You are praying for them not to them, you must never pray to anyone but GOD.

Q: Will you succeed?
A: I certainly hope to, but the more that know means that more can help. We have to start somewhere.

If you have questions you can post them in the guestbook, or the topix/lilith forum or else you can email me in the contact page for a private answer if you wish.

A bit about......

I'll just add some things you might like to read


Lilith is the first wife of Adam but she fled Eden because she did not want to submit to him in matrimonial or indeed intimate matters. Adam was made from the earths' clay whereas Lilith was reportedly made from 'impure' dust, possibly some sort of astral dust. It is known that Adam was the first man but what has never been revealed is which one of them was formed first.
Eve was formed from Adam in what now would be called some sort of expert genetic engineering. Eve was made for Adam and both lived within the Garden of Eden, their fall from grace came about when Adam ate from the tree (Tree of knowledge of life of good and evil - As explained by the Kabbalah) the fruit (which was probably the sephira of the Tree of Life) which was given to him by Eve.
Eve took the fruit (or in this case apple) after being told by the serpent (while most believe that Satan/Lucifer was the serpent it is possible the Lilith may have been it) that they would not die. After eating they clothed themselves because they became aware that they were naked, in other words they had knowledge of good and evil of sorts by accessing the sephira of the tree or as we might say they received knowledge from the Kabbalah.

But for our purpose we should note that Lilith is associated with the Moon and that includes its dark side. So we can associate the sephira Yesod with her as well as the number 9 and the colour purple/violet.
The religious figure associated with her is Our Lady of Czestochowa (pronounced chen-nes-toh-hovah). So any public display for her would have a shrine of sorts with Our Lady of Czestochowa along with 9 purple candles (but this is not mandatory), otherwise do what you think is appropriate.


Marinette was the one who conducted the magic ritual which led to the Haitian war for independence. Marinette is mostly referred to as Marinette Bwa Cheche or Marinette Pied Cheche, but these names have become stained by cruelty practiced by sadistic perverts using them. I use the name Marinette Pied Noir as it does refer to her and is seldom used by these nutjob sorcerors, using this name can bring around a new beginning for her.
The religious figure associated with her is the Sola Anima, or alternatively Saint Mary Mackillop. Though one can choose a female form from a classical painting.
The colour for Marinette Pied Noir is citrine, the sephira is Malkuth and the number is 10.
The same recommendations for public display for Lilith apply here.
Remember it is your choice to do what you think is appropriate.

It would take too long to adequately explain all aspects of these two, I do ask you to search for yourselves. You may wonder why I do this, let me put this to you....

We all know that Jesus was a good man who helped people to find God and helped people in general, he combatted corruption and perversion by the religious clergy of his day.
But what of Christians, or indeed the Christian church today? Although most Christians are reasonably good, look at those who get themselves on TV now.
The clergy are nothing more than godless hustlers who either seek money or political power, so much wrongdoing has been committed by these corrupt men and their corrupt churches and cults.
Now imagine someone came here from another planet without any knowledge of Jesus whatsoever, they then see these preachers on TV with their wailing for money and power.
What would that person think?
They would probably think that Jesus was some sort of street gangster but we know that isn't true. Jesus, Mohammed or any other prophet is simply being "re-engineered" to serve the corrupt and their whims.

As I said I just want to make things right, or at least try to.


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