For Lilith & Marinette

For their and our reconciliation with GOD

Welcome to the project to reconcile Lilith & Marinette Pied Noir to GOD

I hope to explain and enlist your help to bring back Lilith and Marinette into the service of GOD.

If we can we will help restoration of all into the world GOD planned for us all, we can change the world for the better. Certainly better than it is now.

All I ask is that you read the pages on this site and decide from there.

I have nearly completed a book about my experiences in the satanic movement, but I don't know if it ever could be complete.
I have long since left that but I recognise the same tactics and mentality in those 'administrating' the world.

You can download my ebook about my satanic past in various formats for free at smashwords

As well you should note


Praise be upon Jehovah the Lord Most High.
He who is the creator of all things, he who is the redeemer and salvation of all that exist, have existed, and will exist.
He who is the one who will never submit to the maltheists or corruption.

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